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My wife and I decided to move back to the UK, my wife's homeland and we wanted to create something typically Italian and share our love of street food. The name Dal Fiorentino was chosen as my birthplace Florence.


We specialise in the 'Piadina' typically from the Romagnola region of Italy, this authentic flat bread is rolled out in front of people at our stall and cooked on a hotplate, it is then filled with a choice of fine ingredients from various regions of Italy, such as Speck from Northern Italy,  a choice of Salami including a Tuscan salami with fennel, Parma ham,  Nduja a spicy Calabrian sausage paste from the south of Italy, La Coppa piccante from the South of Italy and a range of cheeses from North to South. We have freshly cooked roasted peppers, aubergines and courgettes and to  finish a choice of dressings such as truffle oil, chilli oil, pesto and balsamic. 

We aim to provide a fresh and tasty experience with fresh and fine ingredients, it is a healthy option as the dough is made with all natural ingredients and cooked on the hotplate with no oil making the piadina crisp and dry. We hope you will be able to come and enjoy them.


Leonardo and Ilona

After many years in Italy....
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